Do you want to become an unparalleled dragon tamer?


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Nov 30, 2021
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Idle Dragon Island Game

Idle Dragon Island is a free-to-play idle game. As a viking descendant born on a mysterious wonderland, you are chosen by the giant dragon to protect your tribe. To do that, you need to incubate dragon eggs and tame dragon babes.
Do you want to become an unparalleled dragon tamer? If so, come and get your dragons and start your adventure right away! A kind reminder though, watch out for the thieves from another tribe, because they are greedily coveting your dragon eggs!

※Game Features:
A cute girl becomes a dragon tamer? And there's a theatrical Oracle Book by her side? Who knows what kind of fun this weird girl-dragon-book combo will brew!

※Oracle Guide:
It's an artifact that carries the will of the dragon god. Narcissistic and arrogant it may be, but it can save the day at crucial moments. One cannot become the best dragon tamer without the oracle guide!

※Dragon Taming:
From a dragon egg to a dragon babe, then to a giant dragon, gradually increase your human-dragon bond and make the dragons your indestructible fighting partners. In this kingdom of giant dragons, they'll always stay by your side.

※Realm Trial:
It's the incarnation of the tree of life, and it's filled with the secret of eternity. Those who can successfully pass its challenge will be blessed by the dragon lord and the tree of life with the truth of eternity.

What? The Poacher Squad not only stole our eggs but also tried to drug the adult dragons in Floating City? Counteractions should be taken ASAP! Go rally the dragon babes and stop their evil plan!

※The Most Prosperous Town:
Come and try out the various fun features!
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