Skills and fast reflexes are a necessity in this game... Insanity is optional


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Aug 17, 2015

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Impossibru GAME

Impossibru is a platform game which will test your reflexes, skills and memory. It has 90 levels displayed in increasing difficulty for you to master and each one is unique, requiring you to try a different approach and even presenting more than one possible way to complete it. Never a game made you giggle so hard while you cry with anger at the same time!

You will play as a funny little robot on his never ending quest to reach the red flag in as little time as possible. Yeah, I know, too complex… But I swear it’s fun!

And just like the old classic adventure games from the golden era of consoles, Impossibru is filled with puzzles, it has a punishing gameplay that the hardcore audience will love, but at the same time it has such a small learning curve that anyone can jump in. Also, even the hardest levels can be completed in under 10 seconds (when you know what you are doing), this game is simple AND fast.

You will love Impossibru because of:

– Challenging challenges waiting to be challenged by brave challengers!

There is no easy mode, what you see is what you get and from here on it will only gets harder, as new levels are introduced in future updates they will present even more challenging challenges to be challenged!

– The Secrets!

Our beta testers discovered many “alternative ways” to complete some levels that we didn’t program and never think of. It sometimes allowed them to complete a lengthy level in just under a second. And you know what? We didn’t fixed it, we embraced it! Find them! Complete them!

– The Bragging Rights!

Complete the levels and show it to your family and friends, they will be envy, I swear! Even better, it will be there for the world to see on our Leaderboards.

– The Robot!

We were going to change our main character for something more fitting, but as development evolved we discovered that our nameless metal friend just grown on us and our beta testers. Perhaps because we shared so much frustration and happiness with him? No idea, I think he is just ‘catchy’.

– The Simplicity!

You can jump and you can run, that’s about how much complex you can get here. That is not a bad thing though, not at all! The controls are tight, they feel responsive and the game runs is a very fluid 60 fps (Disclaimer: Depending on your device and personal preferences you might want to turn shadows off to maximise even more the game performance, you can do that in options menu)

– The Randomness!

Some levels will invert the buttons, or low gravity, or walls, or bombs, or both! Other levels will speed you and make you jump higher or even allow double jump or infinity jump, while others will make you slow and heavy. Some levels will rotate the camera to a weird, uncomfortable angle. There are also some levels which will do all of it, you never know what will happen next, just expect the unexpectable.

…you will also love it because we have:

- 2.5D graphics
-Simple graphics that look good on even the big resolutions (HD, Full HD, qHD, etc)
- Crazy physics and many dangers
- Shift Zones (when these are entered, they change things like gravity, world rotation, invert controls and more)
- 60 totally different levels (More on the way!)
- Leaderboard*
- Achievements*
- Keyboard and Mouse** support
- Gamepad Support** (Tested with 2 last gen and 1 current gen console controllers, but it should work with any generic gamepad/controller, please send me some feedback at if it doesn't)
- No Game Overs

* Leaderboards and Achievements are only enabled using Google Sign-in (not required for any other thing, you don't have to do login to play)
** For Gamepad you need a compatible controller connected via OTG Cable or paired via Bluetooth.

If you have any suggestion or feedback to give, please leave a review, we read them and they are important to us.

You can also email us at
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