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Automatic phone call translation. Video Chat/Diaglog/Lens/Group Chat Translation

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UpdatedApr 30, 2020 (6 months ago)
DeveloperiTour Translator LLC
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1. "ITourTranslator" supports real-time translation when you make outgoing calls. Our app can also help you translate your conversations in real time when you receive a call from someone else. Our voice dialogue translation can recognize 114 languages. At the same time, we also support Remote Video Chat Translation, Remote Voice Chat Translation, Photo Translation, Listening Mode Translation, Voice Dialogue Translation, Text Chat Translation between friends, Audio Message Translation between friends, and Text Translation(119 languages), etc.

2. Examples of application scenarios:
(1) When you or your family need to call the doctor, if your English is not good, use our APP to call the doctor, you can speak your native language, and the call between you and the doctor will be translated in real time.
(2) If you work or live abroad, you will inevitably receive various calls. At this time, if your foreign language level is limited, it will be very difficult to answer the call. With our APP, when you receive a call, the APP will automatically start, you can speak your native language, and your calls will be translated in real time.
(3) Maybe your girlfriend's foreign family does not speak English. With our remote video chat translation function, you can achieve simultaneous translation when you video call with each other. Never feel unfamiliar because of the language barrier.
3. Features:
1) Phone call translation:
i. If you make calls to various countries around the world through this APP, the call will be intelligently translated in real time
ii. If you receive a call, the APP will start automatically and your call will be translated in real time.
iii. You can send text messages with foreign friends, and the text messages will be translated in real time.
iv. Support calls to/from more than 200 countries
v. Support real-time phone call translation between 32 languages.
vi. No need to install APP on the recipient's mobile phone
vii. Support calls to/from landlines and customer service hotlines with extensions in other countries

2) Remote video chat translation
This function requires the APP to be downloaded on the mobile phones of both parties. After adding friends, you can make video calls. Our APP will display subtitles in both languages on the phone screen in real time when the two parties are talking.
3) Remote voice chat translation
The only difference to “the remote video chat translation” is that you can’t see each other, only voice chat.
4) Remote text chat translation
You can send text messages to your friends and these messages will be translated in real time.
5) Remote audio message translation
You can send audio messages to your friend and when your friend receives the voice message, he or she will hear your voice and sees the translated text.
6) Camera translation:
Alignment with road signs, articles, tags, or menus, their photos will be automatically translated. The APP collects menus specifically and translates accurately.
7) Listening function:
It is suitable for listening to the introduction of foreign tour guides or listening to radio announcements. It is also suitable for scenarios such as long-term communication with customers. The system will quietly listen to each other's voice and display the translation on the phone screen. When you speak, it will be translated and broadcast.
8) Dialogue translation
It supports speech recognition and translation in 114 languages. It uses streaming translation technology, so what you say can be recognized in real time and fast.
9) Text translation: It supports text translation in 119 languages.

What's New

1. Solved the problem of non-translation caused by delays in transnational communication networks
2. Solved the problem of poor sound quality under low internet speed.
3. Fixed known bugs

Email: itourtranslator@gmail.com

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