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Karmaverse Zombie-Earn NFT

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Jul 5, 2022
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Karmaverse Zombie-Earn NFT Game

Karmaverse Zombie is a match-3 game that focuses on the struggle for survival and domination in a post-apocalyptic world infested with zombies and mutants.

Join the Karma Multiverse and experience a new generation of NFT mobile gaming. Train your survivors into fighters, capture and cure zombies, and build up your shelter to take on and defeat not just the zombie horde, but other players as well as you build a new future for humanity in this post-apocalyptic world.
With our play and earn system, you will naturally earn tokens and NFTs through your gameplay and as rewards from in-game events, making them integrated with in-game systems and currencies.
NFTs and tokens in-game can be transferred to your wallet to sell on the marketplace at any time, making it easy to translate your in-game NFT rewards into real-world earnings!
Come and fight the zombie horde together in Karmaverse Zombie!
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