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Jun 16, 2024

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Local Election Game 2024 GAME

The newest in the beloved Election Game series, Local Election Game 2024 awaits you with new city development features! Moreover, all 81 provinces have been symbolically designed! It is a fun and exciting game filled with extremely engaging 3D graphics and original game mechanics. You can establish your own political party or choose among existing ones, organize rallies in different cities across Turkey, and win over your electorate by appearing on TV programs.

The game offers many thrilling game modes such as fast driving in heavy traffic and battling rival buses. Your score increases when you successfully overtake vehicles in traffic without crashing, and you can earn extra points in a head-to-head mode with a rival bus.

One of the most notable features of Local Election Game 2024 is the option to develop your party center and create your own special convoy. This allows you to increase your party's power, bringing you closer to election victory.

The game also offers other game modes such as bill proposals, congress, and penalty shots. These modes make the election campaigns more realistic while requiring players to make strategic decisions.

Local Election Game 2024 supports the Turkish language and offers smooth and realistic vehicle controls with motion sensors, touch controls, and steering options.

While playing the game, you can increase your budget revenues and votes by establishing city centers. You can become a stronger party by developing your party center, raise your national score by appearing on TV programs, and attract the attention of your voters with rallies.

In addition to all these features, Local Election Game 2024 also provides tips and tricks for winning against your competitors. For example, not holding rallies in some provinces can decrease your vote rate, while going to all provinces and holding rallies can attract the electorate's attention and help you receive more votes.

Local Election Game 2024 - Turkiye is available on Google Play, and players can contribute to the game's development by playing the game and sharing their votes and comments.
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