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Dec 7, 2012
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Miners 4k GAME

Love it or hate it – that seems to be the consensus. Some people are saying it’s too hard, but you can take that up with the original author – this port uses the same difficulty parameters setup in 06’ – besides if the game was too easy it wouldn't be challenging and fun?

Various port's of miners 4k are floating around out there - this version has no special permissions required, compatible on most devices, and IMHO most authentic to the original. It also includes native code so that the amount of miners can be increased to over 1,000.

The goal of Miners is to dig tunnels that lead the Miners to the gold, then back to the starting position again. The miners are simple creatures:

*Miners will walk straight forward until they hit a wall or get bored.
*When a miner hits gold, he will pick up a chunk of the gold, but only if he isn't already carrying some gold.
*If a miner carrying gold enters either starting platform, he will drop the gold there.
*When a miner faces a steep cliff in front of him, there's a 66% chance he will try to jump over it.
*After a miner has hit a wall and changed direction, there's a 66% he will jump back in the direction he came from.
*A miner that falls more than 100 pixels will die.

Miners4k was an entry for the Java 4K [Game] Programming Contest (2006 edition)
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