New Android Game Mixture; A Playful Take on Drink-Mixing Disaster


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Feb 17, 2020

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Mixture GAME

**One of the most Unique Drinking Games ever to hit the Appstore**

**Have you ever wanted to mix up a nasty drink as a joke?**

Experience a hilarious time mixing up horrid cocktails with super disgusting ingredients!

Choose from three unique characters and hundreds of different ingredients.

Dave is your guinea pig and has to suffer through every single one of your sickening drinks. Get scored on taste factor and reactions but be careful because he might get sick in the process!

The Mad Scientist will drink anything you mix for him, including all the ingredients in his lab.. but be careful, your mix might have strange side effects!

Conjure up spooky transformations with the Wicked Witch. Her cauldron bubbles away as you add ingredients, she'll try any potion but don't expect her to like it!
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