Build and drive your castle to survive, to conquer!


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May 29, 2024
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Moving Castle: Survival GAME

Moving Castle is a strategy game featuring fantasy-themed adventures.
Monsters invaded this world, pushing it to doom. You need to drive your moving castle to save survivors, recruit heroes, find allies, and fight formidable monsters for a way out of the crisis.

[Special Features]

Castle En Route
The most unique feature. Hop onto your castle and drive it through the world! You can drive your castle, dispatch troops, kill wandering monsters, destroy their lairs, rescue survivors, and retrieve lost land. Obtain bountiful resources and gear through battles and exploration to intensify your castle and troops.

Various Castle Styles
Select your favorite castle style. Build and upgrade the castle that only belongs to you.

Defend Your Castle
Recruit heroes to strategize your defense against monsters and enemies.

Castle Governance
Manage your castle well. You'll upgrade your castle, train soldiers, research techs, enact laws, assign jobs, etc. Your wise leadership will bring power and prosperity to your castle and people.

Alliance And Socializing
Join or create an alliance to fight monsters and conquer land alongside other lords. Join multi-player battles and get socialized! An epic is awaiting your presence. It's time to fight for glory and victory!

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