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May 29, 2023
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Name on necklace - Name art APP

If you are looking for a free and ideal application to write your name on image in an elegant and attractive way and on wonderful necklaces and write on pictures, then you should use the write Name On necklace maker because it will provide you with everything you need with ease. Write your name on necklace is an ideal application to write your name or the name of your lover on a necklace app or your name on locket, as well as you can write on image by especially adding text to image.

Write your name on necklace maker will give you a lot of experience in designing wonderful and amazing images, as it contains a set of easy-to-use tools such as the tool to add text on a photo and use text styles based on font styles where you can choose styles for each font and add an aesthetic touch to images by adding stickers From the catalog, as well as applying photo filters and adding effects to photos.

Name Art Photo Editor application is the best and most beautiful option among all applications to write your name with a picture and the name of your lover or sweetheart on a necklace of very beauty and magnificence. You can now write your name on the most wonderful renewable images where the application contains a variety of images to write on, just choose the image you want and write the name and then press save the image and then write your name on necklace maker will allow you to share these images with your friends, family and followers on social networks and on websites your social networking.

● How to use photo editor Name On Necklace app - Name Art :
◦ Choose the photos you want or import an image from your phone.
◦ Add your name or the text you want on the images using the tool to add text on the image.
◦ Add an aesthetic touch to the image by adding wonderful stickers as well as applying filters to the images.
◦ Press the save button to save the design in the phone.
◦ You can share the image on social networking sites and all image sharing programs.

● Features in your name on picture photo editor - Name Art :

• Writing on images
Name in picture application provides adding text to images with ease using these tools
- Write text: to write texts on the image.
- Type of font: You can select the type of font from among the number of Arabic fonts and distinctive English fonts in order to write on the images.
- Text size: You can easily control the text size on the image and adjust the text size.
- Text color: there is a large library of carefully chosen colors, and the color selection tool can be used, also from this option you can control the transparency of the text.
Packing: The packing size, packing angle, as well as packing transparency can be controlled.
Shadow: Add a shadow to the text and control the shadow’s crown, shadow unit, shadow color, and shadow dimension.
Three-dimensionality: Three-dimensional text can be made, and the feature can be used to write on pictures.

• Pictures for all occasions
When you use application Name On Necklace photo editor, you will find a large group of images for all occasions, as it contains pictures of wonderful necklaces to write your name and pictures of a birthday greeting card, as well as pictures of love to write love letters on it, as well as pictures of invitations, marriage cards and congratulations on Christmas and New Year and pictures of neck chains to write your name on a chain And greeting cards for Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha and greeting cards for graduation.

• Stickers on pictures
Add an aesthetic touch to your photos through the many stickers provided by your name on a series, such as love stickers, birthday stickers, marriage and flower stickers, and many other various stickers.

• Photo frames and filters on photos
A large number of frames, filters and effects for free, divided into categories such as simple frames, flower frames and many more. Use the right frame for your photos to celebrate any special moment with your friends and family.
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