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Jan 10, 2024
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Narcos: Cartel Wars & Strategy GAME

Immerse yourself in the treacherous world of NARCOS and rise to power as the ultimate Capo - the formidable leader of your own cartel.

In this official NARCOS game, it's your call to determine your destiny. Will you shape your empire through sheer strength or earn respect through unwavering loyalty? Sometimes, even those with dark intentions do good deeds... Ultimately, the choice is yours: will it be 'Plata o Plomo'?

Learn the art of running an operation straight from the notorious drug lord El Patron himself. Manage your 'relationship' with the authorities using agents Murphy and Pena in one of the most intriguing FBI games. Step into the world of NARCOS, where thrilling events and content updates from the hit TV show await you.

Recruit and Build
Choose 'Plata' and enlist skilled sicarios while fortifying your defenses. Assemble a diverse team of sicarios, level them up, and deploy them to protect your cocaine empire. Watch as they boost your production capabilities.

Wage War
Opt for 'Plomo' and dispatch sicario-led death squads to seize high-value resources from rival cartels in action-packed battles.

Expand your operation by developing your jungle finca, complete with processing plants and labs. Select optimal smuggling lines and plans to maximize your revenue.

Join forces with fellow players to create unstoppable cartels, and launch multi-day campaigns to dominate enemy cartel compounds.

There's wealth and influence to be gained, and from now on, nowhere is safe.

NARCOS offers an intimate glimpse into the lives of those who would stop at nothing to topple cocaine drug lords. From the Colombian government to DEA agents, from brave policemen risking their lives to US officials shaping the narrative, NARCOS provides an unfiltered look at the war that forever altered the landscape of drug wars.
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