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Apr 12, 2024
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NinJump - Deluxe Run GAME

NinJump is a very simple game where you will have to take your charismatic Ninja character to the highest building. while other ninjas try to stop you.

Ninjump is a free simple endless-runner style game. Climb a tower by jumping between walls and collecting power ups along the way.

The gameplay is very simple: your character will start by automatically climbing one side of the building and every time you touch the screen it will jump to another side by kicking the air. This way, you will have to go dodging the different obstacles that come up on every wall and blocking your enemies attacks.

Along the way, many things threaten to knock him back down. If you want to have any hope of seeing just what lies at the top of that building, then you’ll need to use the training and fast reflexes that make a ninja what he is.

Thankfully, a Ninja is always prepared for anything! Leap from wall to wall to avoid obstacles, cut enemies down with your sword, and cast mystical Ninja spells to ascend higher than anyone has ever gone before. Just don’t fall; it’s a long way down.

The gameplay is simple and addictive, comprising of a single action. Jump between walls using a sword slash, cutting down enemies and collecting items as you go. The game operates on a high score basis, increasing in difficulty as the Ninja climbs the tower. While limited in content, Ninjump is one of those 'one more try' games which can be great fun when competing against a friend or trying to beat a high score.

NinJump is an entertaining and short game that you can use to challenge your previous scores.

You will be amazed by the gorgeous graphics, rich gameplay, immersive music and the insanely addictive quality of this game.


● Run between two walls. Tap the screen to leap from one to the next without missing a beat in your step.
● Avoid deadly hazards like birds, squirrels, balconies and ninja throwing stars!
● Put enemies out of your misery by slicing them up in midair with your ninja.
● Run endlessly upward! The fun never stops and the action never slows down.
● Don’t hit anything on the wall, or else your career as a ninja will come to an abrupt end.


● New Background levels
● Awesome power-ups & shields
● Simple, single-tap gameplay
● Killer squirrels Boost
● Ninja Shuriken Boost
● Flying Birds Boost
● Bomb Crackers Boost
● More Ninjas
● Beautiful graphics
● Awesome bonuses


● Grab the magical shield to avoid taking damage.
● Slice up enough squirrels to assume the power of the squirrel! Grow a fluffy tail and dash up the side of the building at a breakneck speed.
● Dice up those angry little birds to sprout wings and fly upward between the buildings.
● Cut up the shuriken thrown at you by enemy Ninja to execute a powerful spinning attack with your blade, destroying everything you come in contact with.
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