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30 okt. 2020
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Camera Lock-app

Lock your device cameras when you don’t need them.🙈

Unlock when you need them.🐵

Stop bad apps from using your cameras when they’re not supposed to.

⭐️ Simple and easy to use, with just 1-button control. Probably the simplest one of its kind!
⭐️ Fast and lightweight.
⭐️ No bloat/unnecessary features.
⭐️ Clean and simple user interface.
⭐️ Help protect your privacy.
⭐️ Free!

Permission Information
Device administrator disable cameras permission is required for the app to enable (unlock) and disable (lock) the device cameras. This will be prompted the first time you try to lock the cameras. This permission cannot and will not be used for anything else.

To uninstall the app, tap the “Deactivate and Uninstall App” button within the app. Alternatively, if this app has been activated as a device administrator so that it can lock and unlock cameras, deactivate the device administrator manually in Settings first, then you can uninstall the app manually.
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