The chat app that you can only use when you have less than 15% battery (Free).


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3 mrt. 2018
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Die With Me APP

We’re so addicted to our phones that we simply can’t fathom the idea of not being able to use it because it’s out of battery juice. That’s why we’re constantly charging our devices, making sure they have enough battery to get us through the day.

But who said that having your battery die can’t be a fun experience, especially if you don’t have a charger or external battery on hand. That’s where the brilliant $1 Die With Me Android app will come in handy.

The chat app you can only use when you have less than 15% battery. Die together in a chatroom on your way to offline peace.

That means the app connects you with people in the same situation, who may be looking to kill time while their batteries run out. It also means that you can’t use the app unless the battery indicator shows 15% of charge or less, which makes this chat concept so unique. Each chat experience should be totally random and unique.
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