Een universeel configureerbare Meditatie timer met prachtige klanken.


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13 jan. 2019

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Zazen Meditation Timer-app

Meditating is a wonderful and famous possibility to raise your well-being and to
relief stress. Meditating on a regular basis has a positive effect on your health,
because it relaxes and brings stillness to the often uncontrolled thoughts
in ones mind.

The Zazen Meditation Timer aids you in your regular Meditation.

You can define Meditations according to your personal likings and define
sections with varying duration and ending sounds. So you can tell when
a Meditation ended or a new part started just by the sound.

It is often helpful to add a section "Preparation" with a length of around 30
seconds. This gives enough time for you to find a comfortable position and
to prepare yourself for the Meditation.

In case the bell sounds are not to your liking, you can easily add own

To not be disturbed during the Meditation, you can tell the App to mute
your Phone during meditating.
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