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Version1.0 (67)
UpdatedMar 23, 2020 (1 week ago)
Release dateApr 25, 2019 (11 months ago)

Community of peers. Support in depression. Anxiety relief. Social help.

NotAlone app is a service for social help with the main goal is to seek the best manner for user to find needed emotional help. Target audience is youth and students from 14-25 years.

The path to happiness may not be easy, but it is uniquely yours, and we exist to be a helping hand along your path. NOTALONE app users can choose to join our Chat’s interactive online community of peers where they can share experiences and coping skills and learn about the experiences and coping skills of others.

Joining a chat group enables people to authentically connect with one another and invites the potential to find one-on-one connection. If peer to peer interaction is not what one seeks, NOTALONE also offers a platform in which users can ask questions and receive preset responses that are thoughtful and based on twenty years of established clinical psychology experience.

The most common questions around loneliness, depression, emotional suffering, and anxiety are addressed in this space and users are given the opportunity to reflect on and process this insight.

Finally, NOTALONE allows users to record emo-memories, audio self-recordings that document app user’s emotional state in real time. Taking note of one’s emotional state allows one to map his/her growth over time. By reflecting on growth, successes (both large and small) are celebrated, compassion is cultivated, and healing is encouraged.