Octogeddon - First new arcade game for octopus destroy the world


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Mar 26, 2018

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Octogeddon Game GAME

Octogeddon - First new arcade game

Welcome to Octogeddon You can appreciate playing, bouncing and testing in the game of experience and fun stimulation

Octogeddon will give you an extraordinary affair where you can play with your companions effectively, and appreciate playing with the leader of the octopus and hop to the most elevated amounts, it is extremely great!

You can pick your most loved character and play with it and avoid the stages effortlessly

A mammoth toon octopus watches a video of a sushi culinary master cutting up an octopus, and he gets enraged. He leaves to decimate the world, and the experience begins. It is the briefest and silliest of PC game plots.

Highlights of Octogeddon game:

• Amusement is arranged with unprecedented HD designs

• It contains superb music

• There is a lot of levels with bundles of enemies

•Octogeddon Game has so much covered levels and things

• This preoccupation will pass on you to your childhood.
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