All-in-one compass: Weather forecast, air quality, and Qibla.


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Jan 8, 2024
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Perfect Compass (with weather) APP

★ Discover the power of the compass app - the ultimate navigation companion. With this free offline compass, you will always find the right course no matter where you are. All you need is an Android phone!

★ This virtual compass is the ultimate navigation instrument providing precise readings in sixteen directions with compass needle and wind rose. Powered by GPS, it accurately pinpoints your current position and offers comprehensive geographic guidance. Its elegant design allows you to focus on priorities, helping globetrotters on exciting adventures.

★ Along with north, south, east and west, this smart compass displays azimuth and angle readings. We recommend this user-friendly app for those who like to spend time outdoors.

★ Explore all the fantastic features:

Qibla function: Find the direction and distance of Mecca for Muslims, totally free, enjoy this option offline too!
Create and share lists of your favorite locations.
Air quality indicator: get informed about outdoor air conditions.
Accurate weather information such as temperature, wind strength and direction will allow you to dress appropriately for the weather conditions. Data on pressure, humidity and cloudiness can be useful for people with rheumatism and meteopaths.
Moonrise and moonset times and upcoming full moon dates may be of interest to those interested in astrology and numerology.
Practical information: altimeter to accurately determine your position.
Sunrise and sunset times that will allow you to plan your trip to the top and admire the sunrise.
Magnetic field and velocity data for even more accurate compass readings.
Know your latitude and longitude to pinpoint your location even more precisely
Flashlight function: light the way when darkness falls.
Master Directions Guide: discover alternative ways to find directions without a smartphone.
Light and dark color modes: customize the background to your preference
Tab Manager: Choose which app to display on the home screen.
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Helpful in solving homework and for educational purposes.
App theme changer, change app mode to discover new background colors in compass app on your phone!

The option to discover new locations by MGRS coordinates, helpful both in field games and in the exact, real location for survival fans.

Check the time of the lunar eclipse to plan your trip perfectly, collect memories of great trips!

Get the premium compass to unlock the ad-free version and access the full features of the app!

Discover all the functionalities of the app and let the compass application become your travel companion and the best compass.

Available in 47 languages, with calibration support.

With a professional look, GPS coordinates, and accurate location data, this app is an absolute pleasure.

The compass app has a premium version of the compass pro, thanks to which you will unlock the full capabilities of the application and use the ad-free version!

Moving from the home screen to the selection of application themes is very easy, go to the settings and select from the list of available themes that change the background color of the application. You can choose dark mode or light mode.

The application is perfect for Redmi smartphones.

Samsung phone users appreciate the compass. It will also work great with Oneplus phones.

Compas is available in multiple languages including Telugu and Marathi. Hindi speaking users will be able to use the app freely. Various Dravidian languages such as Kaannada are available in the app.

Note: Not all phone models have a built-in magnetic field sensor. If your device does not have it, the main function of the application may not work. In such cases, we propose alternative methods of determining the cardinal directions. We apologise for any inconvenience. Feel free to contact us at and we will do our best to help you.
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