Paradise Lost: Guide; Prepared Notes for English Literature Students

This Guide app works both online and offline, and contains 40 basic topics about one of the famous poems of John Milton, Paradise Lost.

The guide is designed both for college and university English literature students. Both can fetch basic knowledge about the poem using this app.

This is a complete book because it is almost 300+ pages if we convert the guide into pages. It means that you can rely, for your exams, only on this guide; and you do not need any other notes or guidance to understand this play.

Topics included are:

1. Introduction
2. Historical Context
3. Literary Context
4. John Milton Life, Works and Age
5. John Milton Timeline
6. Autobiographical Elements in Paradise Lost
7. Paradise Lost: Outline
8. Plot Overview
9. Plot Analysis
10. Paradise Lost: Book 1, Lines 1-26
11. Summary & Critical Analysis
12. Characters List
13. Characters Analysis
14. Themes
15. Motifs
16. Symbols
17. Useful Facts
18. Vocabulary Used
19. Famous Quotes
20. Suggested Further Readings
21. "Reason in but choosing": Freedom of Thought and John Milton
22. Antiprelatical Tracts
23. Knowledge in Paradise Lost
24. Divorce Tracts
25. Eve in Milton's Paradise Lost
26. Areopagitica
27. Introduction to Epic Poem
28. Justifying the Ways of God to Men
29. Milton's Redefinition of Marriage
30. Epic Features in Paradise Lost
31. Paradise Lost is Written in Grand Style
32. Publication History of Paradise Lost
33. The Son
34. Regicide Tracts and Republican Defence
35. Satan may be the Hero of Book l & ll of Paradise Lost
36. Satan Character in Paradise Lost
37. The Story as a Poem
38. The Genre of Paradise Lost
39. Milton's God
40. Cosmology in Paradise Lost

The app is very simple and straight-forward. Only you need to study this guide.

Features of app:

- Share the topics with your friends via whatsapp, facebook, etc.
- You can easily find each topic.
- Complete info about the poem.
- Easy to navigate, with big text, and highlighted headings.
- The blue theme makes the app more comfortable to study.

I welcome your feedback and reviews because everyone needs suggestions to improve.
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