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Ostatnia Wersja

NazwaBackup USB APK, USB Backup APK
Wersja18.0.00.12 (1800000012)
Zaktualizowano24 gru 2019
DeweloperSamsung R&D Institute India Noida
Instalacje100 000 000+
KategoriaAplikacje, Narzędzia

Aplikacja USB Backup

Tworzenie kopii zapasowych, przywracanie i wyeksportować swoje dane osobowe na urządzeniu pamięci masowej USB.

USB Backup Application allows users to take back-up of phone and import/export phone contents like Images/videos/Audio/Documents) on a USB Device which is connected via an OTG Cable.
Application gives option to select folder level and individual files Images, Videos, Audio's, Documents files to take back up / Import / Export.
Application mitigate worries about privacy issue and data cost incurred on each back up on cloud storage.

Turn ON/OFF settings for features,
1. Auto back up ON,such that next time when ever familiar USB got connected via OTG cable back up will start automatically without user intervention.
2. Notifications ON when more than one month has passed since the last backup.
3. Notifications ON prompt to backup to your device when available space in your internal storage is too low.
4.USB backup allows the user to create profile in TV and mobile so that whenever the user comes into proximity of TV incremental data(images,videos) will be backed up.
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