Experience flying a real-life police drone: 3D Police Drone Flight Simulator


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Jan 7, 2016

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Police Drone Flight Simulator GAME

This 3D drone simulator flight game is for everybody who likes a great 3D drone simulator game. If you are a fan of airplane simulation games, pilot sim games or helicopter games you definitely need to download this awesome drone simulation game.

Feel like a real police drone pilot flying a police quadcopter rc drone.
Play something different than the plain airplane sim games, pilot sim games and helicopter sim games and find out how it feels flying a police quadcopter rc drone. These unmanned aerial vehicles are used for taking pictures of government purposes. This drone simulator flight game is free and nonviolent so perfect for kids of all ages.

In this drone simulation game you fly your quadcopter around the big city using a simple but realistic control system. As a police quadcopter pilot you need to fly your police quadcopter rc drone making sure it lands safely on various landing areas. Accurate landings and avoiding flight crashes are necessary to unlock new exciting levels.
During these exciting levels time is of the essence, but offcourse this should not be a problem for a cool and well trained police quadcopter pilot, or is it...

Simulation Drone Game KEY FEATURES
Real rc quadcopter police flight missions.
Real multi rotor helicopter controls in this simulation flight game.
Real amazing large 3D environments.
Real addictive, fun and nonviolence simulation flight game perfect for kids of all ages.

If you are used to play airplane simulation games, helicopter games or pilot sim games and you want to try something new and fresh, then this free 3D drone simulator flight game is the simulation flight game you have been waiting for!!

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