Word class game for fun review - grades 5 to 6 of elementary school.


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Jun 9, 2021
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Potager en péril GAME

The Vegetable Garden in Danger is a game to help grade 5 and 6 students review word classes (called nature of words in traditional grammar). The player embodies a small carrot who undertakes a quest to save his vegetable garden by getting his hands on nouns, determinants, verbs, etc.

To move forward and achieve its ultimate goal in three separate worlds, the Little Carrot must wander through tunnels and tear out the requested words. The more successful she is, the more money she collects with which she can buy costumes and earn the right to fight the monster in the area.

Educational concepts involved: word classes - noun, determinant, adjective, pronoun, conjunction, preposition, verb, adverb; syntactic manipulation, variable and invariable words.
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