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Jun 8, 2017

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Power Rangers Dash GAME

Hello, we're Move Games.

Unfortunately, Power Ranger Dash - Saban's service closes on December 31, 2020.

So, it won't be possible to download games and use stores in the game after October 7, 2020.

Please refer to the refund notice for the refund schedule and procedure.

We appreciate all of your love and support so far.

Thank you.
▶ Refund Policy
- Refund Request Period : Nov 1th, 2020 ~ Nov 31st, 2020
- Refund Conditions
= Only the unused Cash items purchased between Oct 1st, 2020, and Nov 31th, 2020 can be refunded.
= Cash items that have already been used or purchased before the aforementioned period are not eligible for refunds.
- How to Request Refunds
= Android Refunds: Please send an inquiry to Customer Supports via game-app, including all of the information listed below under "Refund Request Instructions"
= iOS Refunds: Please submit all iOS refund requests directly to Apple.
This can be done through the following site:
- Refund Request instructions (Only for Android Refunds)
① Current Nickname in-game
② The name of the store you purchased
③ Google Order ID Number (Starting with GPA.)
- Refund Method: Google Payment Order cancellation
※ All refunded Cash items will be recollected.
※ If you have any problems with refunds, please send an e-mail to ""

Contact : ""

[Power Rangers fan Page]

[Personal Information Protection Policy]
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