Power Track for reporting faults on SSEN’s Power Network, plus showing outages


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Jun 15, 2024
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Power Track APP

This app displays a map showing UK areas affected by current power cuts.

IMPORTANT: This application will only display power cuts in the areas managed by Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks. Please see the screen shots for a map of the areas covered. If you are outside these areas, please contact your energy distributor regarding any power cuts.

We aim to update our mapping system in real time where possible. Information available includes:

Fault reference number
Emergency service centre number to call for more information or to report other power cuts
Areas affected by the network faults (by post code)*
Time the power went off
Time the next status update is due*
Time an engineer is expected to arrive*
Time the fault should be fixed*
Electric vehicle charge points location information in the proximity of current power cuts

*Where available

The app displays pins on a map overlay showing areas affected by current power cuts. Tapping on this pin gives you a link to more information about the problem. Power Track also provides a summary list of reported power cuts.

Customers can register (and subsequently un-register) to receive automatic updates on any current power cut(s). These updates include:

Time the next status update is due*
Time an engineer is expected to arrive*
Time the fault is expected to be fixed*
Confirmation that the fault has been resolved*

*When available

Note: When the fault has been resolved it will no longer be visible on Power Track and the Push Notifications will no longer link to the fault.

In normal circumstances each reported power cut will be represented on the UK map by an individual pin. Where we have a number of concurrent power cuts in a particular area a merged pin will be displayed in the centre of the affected region. When a customer zooms into this region of the map the merged pin will split out into the individual fault pins.

There may be situations when severe weather conditions occur, which affects a large part of our network area(s). In these situations Power Track will provide an update for the whole affected area rather than for individual faults.
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