gives you full access control to your PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 4


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Feb 28, 2024
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Ps Controller APP

The PS Remote gives you full access to control your PlayStation 5 console or PlayStation 4 console from a different location.

- Use the PS remote as a virtual Dualshock controller for your Playstation 5/playstation4/PS4/PS5
- Stream from your Play Station4/PlayStation5/PS4/PS5 to your device with low latency
- Control your PlayStation4 and PlayStation5/PS4/Ps5 using your mobile device's on-screen controller as a second screen for PS gaming
- Support for third-party controllers, Dualsense/Dualshock and physical for all Android devices

Follow the instructions to use the Remote Play Controller for PS app:
• You MUST configure your router at home to allow this
• Log in to an account for PlayStation Network (PlayStation 4/ PlayStation 5/ PS4/ PS5)
• A PlayStation 4/PS4 or PlayStation 5/PS5 console with the latest version of system software
• High-speed Internet access (home Wi-Fi network)
• Mobile device with Android 7.0 or later installed
• You can save multiple PS4/PS5/PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5 profiles.
• Remote Play Controller for PS supports rooted devices.
• Remote Play Controller for PS can be used as a virtual Dualshock for your PS4/PS5/PlayStation4/PlayStation5.

List of supported devices:
• Supports Android TV devices
• Supports older PS4 firmware from version 5.05 and later.
• A PS4/PS5/PlayStation4/PlayStation5 console with the latest version of system software
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