Battle a lot in a tank shooter PVP multiplayer. Become a tank battle royale star


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Nov 21, 2020
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PvPets: Tank Battle Royale Gam GAME

Smash into action-packed Multiplayer Tank Battle Royale! 🔥🔥🔥

A lot of Intense online io PvP games with stars from all over the world.

Ready for a wild ride?

Pick your favorite pet, strap them into a customized tank and watch the brawl unfold in real time online io PvP. ⭐️ Hunt with up to 20 players in quick 3-minute PvP games. ⭐️ Unlock and upgrade a lot of tanks with powerful special skills. ⭐️ Smash the ranks of the leaderboards to become the star of the PvPets world.


🐹 It’s survival of the fittest with large multiplayer online io PvP games of 20 players.
🐨 Thrill of the hunt, fast-paced easy to learn action brings the best of io free games.
🐔 Gun down a lot of opponents with shooter controls in a colorful pixel multiplayer tanks world.
🐭 Stalk your prey like a sniper or smash into close combat with a lot of different playstyles for each tank.
🐱 Cute but deadly, customize your pets and their tanks for varied looks and performance.
🐻 Devour your enemies and increase your tank’s size and gun power.
🙈 Take aim with unique shooter skills for every tank including snipers, rockets, flamethrowers and a lot more!
🦁 Lions and tigers and bears oh my! Explore our io stars multiplayer world filled with a lot of crazy pets!
🐷 A lot of treats! Earn a lot of epic loot just by playing.
🐶 Who's a good boy? Complete online missions to earn a lot of rewards.
🐸 Be the star of the show with a lot of competitive online multiplayer battle leaderboards.
🐌 Smash the ranks and become a tank io star to unlock a lot of new tanks and skins.
🦊 Upgrade your tanks and pets to get a lot of new powerful guns and armor.
🐰 A living multiplayer world with special events and updates on a constant basis.

DOWNLOAD NOW and survive in Pvp Cats: PVP Multiplayer Tank Battle Royale Game!

Pvp Cats: PVP Multiplayer Tank Battle Royale Game is a free io game, but you can use in-app purchases to progress a bit faster and you may want to keep the game away from your kids, so they won’t spend from your credit card or smash your high score!
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