Open World Post-Apocalyptic Mobile RPG


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Apr 5, 2023

Rise from Disaster GAME

In the year 2213, humanity used a remarkable extraterrestrial substance to construct the Redeemer Network, a global smart grid capable of mass genetic modification. This enabled the world to eradicate disease, extend life, and even manipulate evolution and consciousness.

However, due to the insatiable nature of man, this gift from above soon became a source of conflict and strife. In the end, the entire Redeemer Network was infected by a man-made virus called "Abaddon", giving rise to a substance known as the "Abaddon Entropy". Becoming self-aware and able to direct its own evolution, the new entity initiated the "Reckoning Protocol", a program to exterminate all human civilization.

The war between humans and Abaddon has now raged for over half a century. A secret organization called the "Conscious Ark" has developed clone soldiers known as Righteous Forms capable of matching the threat of Abaddon.

In this game, the player plays a 3rd generation Righteous Form on a mission to eliminate the Four Horsemen of the Reckoning. Having experienced "Famine" and "Pestilence", humanity is about to enter a "War" to alter its fate.
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