A slime clicker adventure: collect, train and beat monsters!


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Oct 5, 2022

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Slime Clicker - Adventure RPG GAME

Take yourself to the amazing journey about locations in Slime Clicker! Many strange slimes are waiting for you (*≧ω≦*)

Slime Clicker is an adventure game. Enjoy the travel, collect slimes, upgrade your character and become even more powerful! Make your own rare collection and gain trophies.
You could even talk to horse!

How to play:
Just click on slimes! It`s that simple.

Many locations with different styles (Forest, Toxic City, Cave, etc).
A lot of different slimes: Jotaro-slime, Fire-slime, Flower-slime, Mushroom-slime and many others.

RPG Upgrade:
You will gain gold and treasures after completing levels. Buy armor, new weapon, health upgrade to fight the enemies.

Hard mode:
Are you sure? Be careful, but It will give you +50% bonus gold!

Mega Boss Fight:
Want to fight a boss? Buy a carrot and talk to the horse!

Made by me 5 different music tracks will give you a full total immersion of this colorful adventure clicker.

Rare collection:
Collect certain amount of slimes and achieve trophies and medals!
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