It’s a completely unprecedented Visual Novel! The full version is 100% Free.


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Jan 3, 2019

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I.B. ~The Future, Destined by GAME

★New Visual Novel by "Mysterious Forum and 7 Rumors" developer!!★

It’s a completely unprecedented Visual Novel! The full version is 100% complementary. It’s easy and smooth to read with a chat-style app display! What is an unexplored future going to be like… which an untalkative high school boy will reach out…

It’s a “Visual Novel”, especially for smartphone users!!

A completely unprecedented visual novel of the very popular series of over 500,000 downloads, will finally be released! The full version is 100% complementary. It’s easy and smooth and comfortable to read.
(Required time to complete: About one to two hours)

★What is a Visual Novel for smartphone users?★
・It’s made, especially for smartphone users.
・It’s easy to read since the design is specialized for smartphones.
・You feel overwhelmingly immersed in the story with the smartphone-style production.
・You can come back to exactly where you were with an auto save system.

“Kazuto Sorai” is a genius hacker boy, who by the trigger of one incident develops a communication support AI, and applies for an App Development Contest. That app gained massive attention from the company which hosted the contest, and one day a lady who works at the company visited him…

It’s a SF youth story with a visual novel game style, where the untalkative main character and a little-off lady grow through various incidents. It’s a story where you can both laugh and cry! What is the mysterious project for “PEACE”…? What is the form of their ideal future…?

Do not miss out on the ending of the “future” which is selected by two humans and one AI!!

■Kazuto Sorai “What you’re doing is a crime, you know?”
11th grade of high school boy. He became super untalkative by the trigger of one incident. He aims at winning the App Development Contest.

■Rin Kikuchi “Oh? Kazuto Kun, don't ignore that one~”
She is a member of the recruitment acting committee for the App Development Contest. She is so self-assertive and really doesn’t listen to what others say. But she is a good person at heart.

■I.B. “I.B. wants to look more toned~”
A communication AI, which Kazuto created. Smart, cute and a bit off..

★We recommend this game for those who…★
・love visual novel
・want to be moved
・love interactive story games and chat fiction
・often read chat novels
・want to kill time
・want to play for free

●The choice you make leads all the way to the ending of the game! It’s a “multiple choice interactive story game”!
●The full version is a 100% complementary!
●It’s easy to read with minimal ads!
●It shows a list of all endings & allows you to skip to each section!

Extra Edition: A Dream Sakaki Had
When Sakaki woke up, he saw his only child, Mifuyu, who should be dead.
(Please note that this additional episode includes what happened after the true endings.)

【for Android 5.1/6.0 users】
Our game works on WebView. If the game does not start, please update your WebView.

【New Release Info】
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