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Oct 24, 2021

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If a cyclist is cycling with an initial speed of 8ms-1 and accelerates at 3ms-2 for 6s, what speed will the cyclist be travelling at when they stop accelerating?

Could you answer this question or something of a similar nature, confidently if presented with it? Can you break down such a question into the following SUVAT variables:

S - distance (m)
U - initial velocity (m/s)
V - final velocity (m/s)
A - acceleration (m/s^2)
T - time (s)

(These SUVAT equations are only used when there is constant acceleration.)

If the answer is no or you may need a little guidance then this is the app for you.

This app aims to provide the answers to the required missing variables of a SUVAT question, provided the three that you do have are identified correctly.

This app provides the answers to a high degree of accuracy and provides which equations can be used to arrive at the answers, as well what they were derived from - useful when you need to show your working out!

Whether you want the answers nice and fast or just need guidance, I hope you enjoy this tool.

Feel free to leave any comments and suggestions for improvement.

P.S. If you feel that this calculator has provided an incorrect answer - please send evidence of the variables entered and incorrect answers (screenshot or video) to:

This is important and could potentially affect someone's understanding/ marks.

Thank you,

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