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UpdatedJun 26, 2020 (7 months ago)
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Introduce you
Swar Govindam App is based on the Ghosh theme of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. The volunteers who are interested in music perform the volunteer Ghosh.
The compilation of compositions to be played in the programs of the Sangh is announced in this app.
In this app, you can listen to the creations.
Can read the compositions.
If you have any listening material of the creations, then you can upload it in that composition.
If there is any reading material, you can upload it too.
If you are a conch player, in this app you can identify the voice by playing conch.
In this app, there is also an option to list Ghosh players.
If you are a volunteer outside Jaipur department and want to add your list of places too, then you can contact your Ghosh chief and request them to add the list in this app.
Your Ghosh chief can do this work by contacting the following contact person.

Rajesh Mangla
Ghosh Pramukh
Jaipur Vibhag

Piyush Shah

What's New

Mobile Number with Outside India Support
Export to Excel, View as HTML
प्रान्त सूची
इन्टरनेट के बिना घोष सामग्री का संकलन
यूट्युब फेसबुक के चलचित्र दृश्य
घोष कार्यक्रम विवरण
घोष तरंग पुस्तक दृश्य
वर्गीकृत रचना सूचि
घोष रचना पुस्तक
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हिन्दू पंचांग द्वारा तिथि अधतन
शंख की स्वर पहचान
रचना में स्वरगान
रचना सूचि
रचना में चित्र जोड़ना
*आज के जन्मदिन
*माह के जन्मदिन
* फोटो अपडेट करें.
* स्वयं की जानकारी
* नगरश: सूचि
* घोष वादकों की सूचि

Email: info@technoses.com

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