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6 มี.ค. 2559
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เกม GT Game Master

GT Game Master is a MAME emulator, with which you can easily play lots of different arcade games from the comfort of your Android terminal. Doing so is as simple as downloading some of the Google Play games that use it (Knights of the Round, Double Dragon, Punisher, etc), and launch them from the interface.

Another interesting possibility is the chance to launch normal Android games from the GT Game Master interface, thereby optimizing performance and getting better results when loading some of the more demanding titles.

In any case, the real benefit of GT Game Master, and why all Android users should download it, is the chance to play some of the best arcade titles of all time on your android terminal and, most importantly, do it easily and without problems.

GT Game Master is an indispensable tool for all video game lovers who own an Android terminal. It should be noted however that the program will not work so well on some of the older mobile phones, but on newer and more powerful terminals, it is a real blast.