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Dec 17, 2017

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They say you should never discuss politics and religion with friends and family. Hogwash! After all, politics and religion might be two of the most important topics we face in our daily lives.

Theology Online (TOL) has been one of the most unique and fun internet communities for almost 20 years. Now with the TOL App you can discuss and debate all of today's most interesting from wherever you are on your Android or iPhone.

The topics on TOL including but not limited to...

- Politics
- Religion & Theology
- Science & Technology
- Sports, Movies, Music, & Entertainment
- And just about every thing else.

Every news story is a segway into a discussion about what the news means in regard to the eternal struggle between right and wrong, and between left and right. Join our community of over 15,000 users and post your thought's on the topics that interest you.

Since 1997 TheologyOnline has been facing the hard hitting topics head-on, so grab your thick-skin and join the debate. There are also tons of lighter topics for when you just want to shoot the breeze without trying to save the world.

With the TOL App you can post new topics, and respond to others. You can post your thoughts along with posting images. You can forward your posts on to your Twitter account if you like.

You can message other TOL members and optionally receive push notifications when your topics are answered.

The TOL App is a slick new FREE app with all the bells and whistles you might expect.
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