Spend holidays in off road hilly tourist trip.Join travelers in world tour 2016!


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Mar 28, 2021

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Tourist Bus Off Road Drive Sim GAME

"Welcome to 2017 world tour - a hill trip in double decker bus. Enjoy Tourist Bus Off Road Drive Sim without a tourist visa now. A brand new 3d Gift for travel and tourism lovers. After spreading of Driving like wildfire, Tourist Bus Off Road Drive Sim is ready to make a splash in the market. Start your Hill racing fun in luxury bus and embark your Tourist trip today. Install and play offline without internet connection in career and free mode and simulate uphill through rocks, mountains, and hills. Make your off-road tourism history today!!!

Take a ticket for a tourist transporter mega event. Get ready to simulate bus at bridges over the sea, off road in the city and start your tourist transport challenge. Pick and drop travelers from and at different hillside parking points. So don’t wait more! Start hill racing journey with your charter bus. Accelerate bus faster, earn more cash and unlock next heavy-duty public transport vehicles including motor coach, deluxe motor coach, and luxury bus. Install Tourist Bus Off Road Drive Sim and leave new ideas and tips.

Career Vs Free >
For the first time enjoy bus simulator in 2 different gameplay modes. First one is for a novice to expert. Play in expert mode to unlock new hill race buses.

Free Mode/
For beginners- Try driver simulator with no time and tasks limits. Enjoy off-road driving test and build new records in the driving simulator.

Career Mode/
For experts- For pro gamers, It’s golden chance to explore world’s top Tourist attractions with drift. Earn more cash to unlock racing 2016 new stages. Be careful on the sharp turns. slow down a bit and enjoy the hill station environment.

Multiple Tourist Transporter Vehicles:
Choose anyone driving vehicle to become history’s best bus driver. Use bus info option and view your selected bus engine horsepower and km/h speed. Make a selection from the following, and start mountains climbing duty now.

→ Charter Bus
→ Motor Coach
→ Deluxe Motor Coach
→ Luxury Bus

Eye catching Hilly views/Landscapes >
Hilly areas, seashore sight, off road view and city tourist trip for pro climbers. Experience traveler bus driving over the huge mountains.

Bus Info / UI >
Utilize Digital speedometer with Digital gear system completely to make your gameplay end one of the successive ends.

Bus Movement Controls >
To simulate bus, use anyone of three movement controls including Tilt+Steering+Right/Left buttons. Multiple cameras angles including driver front dashboard view to feel realistic summer hilly trip.

The game, you are waiting for months is finally here-Tourist Bus Off Road Drive Sim.
Pack your tourist bag and get ready for double decker ride over the majesty mountains, valleys, and sea water. Enjoy all the crazy hill environment with breathtaking seashore, rocks, soothing natural scenes, and animated walking tourist.

Drive slow at sharp angles and turns. Avoid falling into chasm and sea."
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