Triple A is a highly complex, kinetic, and interactive visualizer.


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Jul 28, 2023
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::: What is Triple A? :::

• Triple A is an innovative, interactive visualizer app that combines the best of five other digital art applications also created by SungLab: Art Wave, Art Particle, Art Gravity, Art Linear, and Art Lightning. It provides a unique experience for those seeking focused meditation, creative thinking, relaxation, or even a fun digital toy for children and pets.

• Triple A is designed for individuals who desire a New Media Art Appreciation Aesthetic Experience and is suitable for all ages, offering a relaxing and enjoyable break for everyone.

• With built-in music tracks, Triple A encourages relaxation and stress relief, making it an excellent choice for individuals experiencing burnout, sleep disorders, ADHD, or those simply seeking calming activities.

• The app features 5 art modes, each comprising 5 unique effects, resulting in a total of 25 mesmerizing effects.

• In addition to the 25 core effects, Triple A boasts numerous other captivating features evoking images of vortexes, flowers and leaves, butterflies, rainbows, and much more.

• Experience the astonishing 30,000 particle explosion right on your mobile device!

Triple A combines the power of interactive visualizers with the benefits of focused meditation and creative thinking to deliver an engaging, relaxing, and enjoyable experience for users of all ages.

::: Features :::

• Utilizes 5-finger, 2-hand multi-touch functionality
• Offers 10 music selections (with the option to turn music on/off)
• Includes 5 distinct Art Modes (Art Particle, Art Wave, Art Gravity, Art Linear, Art Lightning)
• Achieves the fastest speed (60 FPS), emitting 30,000 particles
• Allows customization of particle length, quantity, and size

::: This is Free :::
• Upgrade to the No AD version for an ad-free experience and enjoy 3x more particles and even more effects.

::: Support :::

If you have any problems, questions, concerns, or ideas related to this app, please feel free to contact me. I would really like to hear what you think.
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