Explore a Realistic Lion Simulation and Dominate Jungle!


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Dec 6, 2016

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Ultimate Lion Adventure 3D GAME

Get ready for the King of Animal Simulation Games!

Strive to SURVIVE! Play to DOMINATE! The terrain is yours as the King of the Jungle. Explore the beautifully designed wilderness where you’ve roamed many long days as a cub! Remember to mark your territory!

Ultimate Lion Adventure 3D Features:
•Realistic animal simulation: Hunt, eat, drink, and sleep to maintain your health and energy. Mate to start a family, and fight to protect your cubs!
•Advanced hunting experience: Multiple types of attack combos including Bite, Claw, Pounce, and more!
•Simple yet detailed features: Simple and easy touch based controls. Keen camera angles and astounding visual/sound effects.
•Real day/night cycle and dynamic weather: See in the dark! Thunder and dust storms, rain, etc.
•Build your pride: Gradually build your strength to defeat animals like elephants, hyenas, rhinos, and other opponents.
•Customize your own lion: Choose color, level up by performing quests, and evolve to increase health, attack and endurance!

Have fun releasing your inner beast!

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