Car simulator - russian police VAZ 2114! Grand racing and drift in city traffic!


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Feb 11, 2024

VAZ 2114 Police Car Simulator GAME

Start your road journey behind the wheel of a VAZ 2114 police car. Try yourself in the role of a police driver, where you will have to catch traffic violators and give chase to them! Realistic driving physics, street racing, extreme drifting, tuning and much more awaits you in this Lada simulator! Explore various roads, highways and highways throughout the city in search of traffic violators🏁. This traffic police game features a large number of Russian cars such as Lada Priora, Vesta, VAZ 2107. The patrol police are responsible for catching violating drivers. Upgrade your DPS car Chetyrka in the garage. A mechanic will help you install the best engine that will increase horsepower🏎️!

Race across the city with the fiercest racers in Ferrari or BMW! Choose a location for racing - it can be city streets, off-road or highway! Realistic characteristics of the VAZ 2114 car in this simulator will give you unforgettable emotions from speed, drift and drag racing🏎️!

In this game, the police car can drive at different times of the day, morning, afternoon or night! Convenient steering will help you cope with any race or drift🚦. On the roads of this city you will meet classic Russian cars such as VAZ 2107, Priora, Lada Vesta, VAZ 2110.

🏁In this game VAZ 2114🎮:

Personal garage and tuning workshop
Upgrade your Lada Chetyrka car
Locations: city, highway or forest
Real Russian classics VAZ, Priora, Volga are waiting for you,
Drifting and racing with Zhiguli cars
DPS police mode
A large number of cars are available in this police simulator
Car parking missions
Play police games with your friends🏎️

In cop games you can get incredible emotions from interesting missions and tasks🏆. Get driving experience behind various Russian cars Lada, VAZ 2110, Granta and luxury SUVs such as BMW X5 or Mercedes G63 AMG. The police simulator will surprise even the most experienced racer! Enjoy realistic city driving, racing, car parking and drifting in Zhiguli and Chetyrka. Unlock legendary drift cars Dodge Charger, Ferrari, Toyota Supra and add them to your collection of sports cars!
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