Defeat the Black Dragon! Defend the last hope of the world!


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Jan 6, 2023
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Wandering Castle GAME

Roaring Nidhogg the Black Dragon has taken flight, bringing darkness to swallow up the world. Its evil force is scouring the land and most living beings have been corrupted into monsters or turned into soulless husks.
The only and last hope is Yggdrasil, whose power can dispel the foul energy and restore the world to a nourishing land. The world counts on Yggdrasil's survival.
It's time to protect Yggdrasil, prevent the doom of the world, and preserve the light for all!

In this fight for survival against the dark force, you need to drive your mobile Castle and search for all means of development, be it iron or gemstones... Customize your artillery and grow in strength. To withstand the evil's invasion, you also need allies by your side. With the strongest power and most profound wisdom, you can defeat the legion of polluted monsters and purify the world!

[Moving Castles and Strategies]
Very different from other games featuring wars and battles, here you can operate your Castle to move freely. Resources collection and maneuvers through the battlefield rely on your mobility. But still, you will not stand a chance against the ultimate enemy Black Dragon itself without good strategies.

[Castle Retrofit & Customize]
Your top priority will be enhancing nonstop your most faithful partner, the Castle. Collect blueprints and raw materials, then leave it to your amicable dwarf friends. They can forge Turrets of greater fire and Moving Feet of higher agility. They'll serve you well in combats!

[Defend Your Castle]
When engaging in Castle retrofitting, don't forget the polluted monsters are coming at you from all points of the compass. You must recruit heroes of all races and fight shoulder-by-shoulder with them to defend your Castle. Plan your defensive strategies wisely, since one step back and your home is left for the polluted monsters to ravage!

[Rally Allies and Save World]
The Black Dragon is gnawing at the root of Yggdrasil and feasting on its power. As a result, dark energy is expanding rapidly. You need to rally your allies and stop its expansion. The pollution perimeter must be dispersed and the world must be saved!

[DIY Castle Layouts]
In a world covered in dark, the giant moving Castle is your only sanctuary. Its huge space is left for you to DIY. You can build a Tavern to meet heroes of all races. You can also construct the Institute to research all sorts of awesome technologies as well. Its layout is at your disposal. So, create a unique space of your own!

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