Connect to a WiFi network without pressing a key through a QR code!


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Sep 23, 2022
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WiFi QR Connect APP

WiFi QR Connect allows you to connect easily to a WiFi network by scanning a pre-generated QR code. Just aim the rear camera of your device to the QR code and automatically the app will try to connect to the scanned network.

✔️ WiFi QR Connect can connect you with WPA, WPA2, WEP, and open networks
✔️ Display the password of the scanned network
✔️ Save all of your scanned networks in the History section

This application has been designed thinking in places where it is common to provide wireless networks to the people around, for instance: pubs, restaurants, expos, hotels, and even private houses; in this way we avoid these users to introduce the network's name and password by hand.

If you want to generate a QR code with your WiFi data, you can use one of the many online generator tools, for example,

Some considerations to take into account:

- The QR code must be valid and must contain a correct SSID and password.
- It is possible that the application cannot establish a connection with hidden networks.
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