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Jan 8, 2022

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Witchnesia GAME

Witchnesia is an online brawler game where the Players, represented as Witches, compete in a dungeon against each other while avoiding trap and environmental change event. The winner will be the one who collects orbs from the dungeons, from killing other players or Killing a Guardian entity that lurks in the dungeons. Exploration is key, and shooting each other will be unavoidable. These two genres alone, adventure and action shooter, already tops the market as the most played genre. Players can also gain advantages by buying equipment such as pet, but individual skill and game-sense will be the major determining factor.


Our Feature
**Player will be exploring dungeon**
Each dungeon will offer different environmental and different challenges. So player will enjoy different experience each game.

Different than our competitor, our objective in this game is to collect the most points in a single match. Player can collect point around the dungeon or fighting other player to steal their point, moreover player can get more point from killing boss in final round.

**Offer a lot of spells**
Our game also offers a diverse amount of spells that could cater to a variety of playstyle. This results in stimulating gameplay, where Player can mix their spells in accordance with their playstyle while playing with or against their friends.

**3 Minutes 3 Phase**
There will be 3 round with 1 minutes each round. Round one player just exploring dungeon, round two there will be weather event, this will be a challenge for player to collect point. And the final round, the boss/guardian will appear. You must defeat them to get bonus point and material.

**Playing anywhere anytime with anyone**
With just 3 minute per session game, you can play in your break time,

**Customize your witch with your style**
With a customization system, you can dress your witch with fashion style you like.

**Learn and Improve Your Skills**
Every time you play a match. You will learn how the environment of each dungeon and use it as an advantage, besides that you will also understand what spells are suitable for each match.

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