Can you protect the country from the evil imperial troops and survive world war?


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Sep 20, 2023

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WWD — World War Defense Battle GAME

■ World War

On a planet resembling 1900's Earth, the seeds of war are sown.
The emperor of the 4th Empire sets fire to his own Parliament.
Blaming the Lion Kingdom for this act of war,
the 4th Empire proceeds to retaliate with an invasion.
And soon this war becomes a world war.

■ Commander! How do we win the war?

First, you must have enough tanks, planes, and solders!
Of course, upgrading your tanks and soldiers is a must!
Then... What's next?

■ World War has suddenly started! What do you do?

1. Stop reading this article and install WWD (World War Defense Battle)!
2. Clear the boring tutorial!
3. Join the battle!
The Kingdom's fate lies in your hands, commander. Good luck.

■ Game Features

- Nostalgic side-scrolling defense game.
- Strategy defense action game where the commander summons units.
- A total of 20 classes of soldiers to choose from.
- If you need special goods, craft them yourself and resupply.
- After completing 100 normal battle stages, 100 hard battle stage become available.
- A commander's training is difficult, and gear improvement is also not easy. However, all the odds are shown.
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