Stream, control, cast and remote play on your X-Box One or Series X/S console


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Apr 12, 2024
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*Supports streaming backwards comparable (360) games and streams in 1080p quality.

This app allows you to stream, remote control, and cast to your X-Box One or Series X/S game console! It supports physical controllers connected to your phone or virtual on screen gamepad's. Additionally, this app can configure your X-Box to stream straight to your SmartTV eliminating the need to use an HDMI cable.

- Remote Play: Stream content to your phone and control it with a mini on screen gamepad. Even stream in 1080p resolution and X-Box One backwards compatible games (360 games)!

-xCloud: Remote play X-Box games without needing to be on the same WiFi network as your console with the xCloud feature.

-Mouse and Keyboard Support: Play with a mouse and keyboard either in simulation mode or true direct mode for games that officially support mouse and keyboard interaction.

- Clarity Boost: Select from a variety of clarity enhancement algorithms and tailor the strength to precisely match your specific requirements.

- Media Cast: Cast videos from your phone to your X-Box 360, X-Box One or Series X/S console.

-TV Cast: Cast your console's screen straight to a Smart TV (currently requires a high end Smart TV of 60fps and at 1080p).

- Controller Builder: Create and save your very own custom full screen or mini Gamepads for in-game play.

- Physical Controller: All streaming screens will work with a physical controller connected to your phone. We have even tested playing a X-Box game with a PS5 controller!

- Media Remote: Control your console with a simple media remote while playing video's or navigating your console's home-screen.

- Notification Remote: Quickly control your console without opening the app at all via a simple notification tray remote.

- MirrorCast: Create a local server on your WiFi network that allows any connected device to stream content from your console. Even stream straight to a not so smart TV, Mac, Linux device, or virtually any device with a modern web browser.

- Steam Deck: This is the companion app for the Steam Deck.
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