Drive your Mecha vehicles to survive through waves of zombies' attacks!


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Mar 17, 2023
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Zombie Wreck: Mecha Warfare GAME

Zombie Wreck: Mecha Warfare is a thrilling SLG Game with a post-apocalyptic story setting, which includes rich gameplay such as FPS, tower defense features, etc. Ready to embark on a new adventure?

Before the global pandemic occurred, this was a great place with cutting-edge technologies blooming and people living flourishing lives. The deadly virus leaked from a mysterious biology lab had decimated a large proportion of human beings, by turning millions of humans into zombies, the freaking cannibalistic creatures. The remnants have abandoned the virus-spread cities to seek refuge in the wilderness.

In a world populated by broken humanity driven by survival and the unending ravage for necessities of life, you'll engage in various fights against the walking dead and human enemies. You'll only survive the harsh environment and zombies' invasion when you fight to be the best of the best! Remember, only the fittest will prevail over the coming storm.


* Create Your Safe Zone. As a survivor fleeing away for safety, your priority is to seek a safe zone to establish a solid settlement. Here's how you do it: clear the brutal gangsters and infected beings within, reclaim the Shelter, and then make it the most impregnable accommodation for you and your people. 

* Team up with the Best. A loner is undoubtedly tough to live through in this harsh environment with threats and dangers in and out. Therefore, recruit a team of elites to look out for each other and defend against the zombies' attacks.

* Train a Mighty Army. Before everything else, getting ready is always the secret to success. So, train a large army whenever possible to outfight the hordes of abominate zombie legions.


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