Mafia - a team game that simulates the real life of a virtual city


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Nov 4, 2022
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Мафия Клуб GAME

Mafia is a psychological, verbal role-playing game, imitating the real life of a virtual "city" and the eternal opposition of good and evil.

Based on the rules of the old game "The Assassin", which was common in Europe in the middle of the 20th century. Residents of different countries introduced something new to the gameplay, including variants of names (for example, in Germany the game is known as “Werewolf”). In consequence, the Mafia game was also used by the secret services of various countries in order to train agents and develop the ability to read real human emotions by facial expressions, gestures and deviations from the usual behavior.

- Over 5 million players
- The atmosphere in the best traditions of psychological games
- Many possibilities of cheating and identifying deceivers
- Seven roles: mafia, city dweller, city dweller, doctor, commissioner, killer, don
- Festive events
- The possibility of combining into families
- Gifts, items, auction and lottery
- All actions happen in real time and more.

Do you lack communication? No friends? - So, participation in the virtual life of the city - this is what you need! Many of the participants have already found in the game Mafia not only friends, but also loved ones! In addition, you not only learn how to bring liars to clean water, but also begin to understand other players even through silent voting. You will be surprised how trivial for you will be the attempts of rivals to hide their Character. Cunning, deceit, betrayal and other vices will retreat before the art of intuition and calculation. This priceless gift is useful to absolutely every one of us.

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