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Oct 26, 2016

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تعلم اللغة الانجليزية APP

Learn English with Alachehraly Arab Program launch, which has no parallel compared with the rest of the other programs.
The best way to learn English properly and short time is a downloader that our program, which will help you build a solid foundation and properly in the English language, which has become an urgent necessity in the present day.
This program is a complete and integrated to teach English for beginners from scratch where you will find it more than school information and Language Institute because he described a simplified and contagious way by specialists in this field Course

The program features
The program is fully functional without the need to learn the Internet, except for the Department of online games and video tutorials section
All lessons are supported with sound was recorded by a dedicated Genuine spokesman
The sound quality is very high, taking into account the speed of phrase pronunciation
All lessons translated into Arabic and are explained in detail and backed by including examples and tests

Departments program
1. Department rules: where you will find a detailed explanation of all topics including examples and sound powered
2. Department of Asot: full explanation of votes
3. Department of terminology: English terminology months and most use
4. vocabulary section: All what you need him to build a stockpile linguist strong and sober and powered right Pronunciation
5. phrases department: it has been added to many English phrases and affecting various aspects of our daily lives
6. Department of the talks has been added to many of the English-backed talks, key words and tests where there are three tests for each conversation audition and test scripts and test listening and texts with some
7. Department of synonyms: synonyms has been added is the most important in the English language
8-Department of English opposites contains what you need at this stage
9. acts abnormal and standard acts which are indispensable for each learner Department
10. acronyms English department, the most important section for those who want to speak English fluently
11. Video Section: In this section there are several lessons described sound and image in order to deliver the idea with ease
12. voice-speaking section of this section will help you prepare your lessons with ease where you can store words or phrases, or even text in the lists of hearings with the possibility of adding to it translator
And you can listen to it all the time and without the need for online

And numerous other features such as playlists and research and a lot of features which will discover yourself
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