This is a novel service where animated works such as “Home of Kyoto Sanjoji Town” and “King Game” were born. Many people try to write novels for the first time!


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Oct 12, 2023

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エブリスタ - 小説サービス APP

Over 1000 books have been booked!
It is an application of "Everysta", a web novel service that can be enjoyed for free.

[Features of Everysta App]

◆ Find your favorite works from over 2 million works!
・ Over 1000 books! Plenty of high quality works that are easy to read
・ Clearly organize the work you have read on the bookshelf
・ You can find your favorite works by "genre", "tag", etc.
・ Easily communicate your feelings with Star
・ Browsing history is saved, so you can safely close it by mistake
-If you register as a member, you can transfer your browsing history from the web.
・ (If there are other points for readers)

◆ You can read works of this genre
・ Fantasy
・ Contemporary fantasy
・ Horror
・ Human drama
・ BL
・ Youth
・ Mystery

◆ You can read your work!
・ Post novels and share them with everyone!
-Easy-to-read access data. Immediately know the number of readers
・ Updating with the history of "Stars" and "Bookcases" received!
・ An opportunity to get a voice from the publisher! ?

◆ Original editor that can write crisply!
・ Rubi can be attached!
-One-tap support for double-byte spaces that are difficult to enter on iOS!
・ Crispy and easy to write!
・ You don't need to confirm it because you can see how it looks from the reader!

◆ Write fun with regular contests
・ Book contests in collaboration with publishers
・ Even if you can't think of anything! Held a casual short story contest

Please enjoy Everyista!
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