The beginning of an action MMO, Blade & Soul 2


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Dec 5, 2023
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블레이드&소울2 GAME

▣ Game Introduction ▣

Sura who wants to destroy life, Shinsu who wants to protect the world
There was a child who possessed the powers of both opposing beings.
A high-end action MMORPG that puts the soul at the tip of the sword and blooms

◈ [Soul] A companion who makes the world with me
Adventure through the world of Blade & Soul 2 and meet various souls.
Souls have their own unique effects, and depending on the combination, they can exert special powers.
Check out the pinnacle of visual action that makes your eyes happy and the action colorful.

◈ [Martial Arts] My own battle pattern weaving together
Swordsman, Kwonsa, History, Archer, Technician, Beopjong, and even a dagger
Each of the 7 weapons in Blade & Soul 2 has different martial arts and combat patterns.
Create your own winning strategy by constantly growing and linking martial arts.

◈ [Action] 0.1 second thrill! Parrying, dodging, and escape
You can experience an action system that reads the opponent's attack and responds in real time.
Neutralize the powerful boss's attack with soul parrying, or try to turn the tide by avoiding/escape in an emergency situation.
The action battle based on the post-judgment system provides a thrilling touch that cannot be met on mobile.

◈ [Battle] Various content to enjoy sometimes alone, sometimes together
is a one-person content that challenges various boss trials with your own control.
where a party of 4 cooperates to attack powerful bosses such as Pohwaran and Hwadaeseong
where you can fully enjoy the fun of RvR battlefields full of cooperation, competition and strategy
Even where you can become a character in the story and adventure the world!
Enjoy the rich content according to your taste, and build a special relationship with the doormen.

▣ Official webpage information ▣
1. Official website:
2. Official community:
3. Official YouTube:

▣ Blade & Soul 2 optionally requires the following permissions for smooth gameplay. ▣

(Optional) Microphone: Permission to record audio when recording video
(Optional) Storage space (photo/media/file): Permission to capture screen and save video recording images, attach photos when writing posts
(Optional) Notifications: Receive in-game informational notifications and advertising notifications

You can use the game even if you do not agree to the optional access rights.

[How to set access rights]
1. Android 6.0 or higher version
- How to revoke by access right: Device settings> Select privacy protection> Select permission manager> Select the corresponding access right> Select the corresponding app> Select consent or withdrawal of access right
-Withdrawal method for each app: Device Settings> Apps> Select the app> Select permission> Select consent or withdrawal of access permission

* Minimum spec: RAM 4GB

B2 customer service: 1566-7004
B2 Fax : 02-2186-3499
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