Today's Tide provides various marine information such as tide and weather in 1300 regions nationwide, sea water temperature, fishing points, sea splitting, and coastal CCTV.


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Nov 23, 2023
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오늘의 물때 (조석예보, 물때표, 바다날씨, 바다낚시) APP

* The app name has been changed from Today's Gangtaegong to "Today's Tide".

Today's tide provides tide tables (tidal forecast) and sea weather information for up to 1300 locations nationwide. In addition, it provides fast and accurate weather/weather information, coastal safety accident prevention, and various marine weather information by providing sea water temperature, tide level observation information, sea splitting, sea fishing points, real-time coastal CCTV images, and windy weather MAP. Domestic TOP marine information application.

¿If you want to check tide level and weather for saltwater fishing™
¿If you don't know the fishing equipment / sea fishing point
¿If you enjoy marine leisure activities such as surfing, yachting, boating, and skin scuba diving ™
¿ For those who want to capture beautiful sunrise/sunset photos along with island/sea trips ™
¿ If you are planning a tidal flat experience with your family ™

The nation's largest marine information and sea weather service!
Introducing "Today's Tide".

★ 5 major services!

1. Tide time (tidal table): Tide time (tidal forecast) information and sunrise, sunset, moonrise, and moonset information are provided in about 1300 regions nationwide. In addition, we provide weather, temperature, wind direction, wind speed, atmospheric pressure and location information for the region. [Low Tide / High Tide View] has two functions, simple view and graph view.

2. Weather Forecast: Provides information on temperature, precipitation, humidity, wind direction, wind speed, wave height, wave direction, and wave cycle according to the region where tide time is observed.

3. Sea weather: We provide services starting from the west coast, south coast, east coast, and Jeju Island, including wave height, wind direction, and wind speed throughout the country, from the offshore to the far sea, centered on 8 provinces nationwide.

4. Observation of sea water temperature and tide level: Provides marine weather observation information such as tide level, sea water temperature, wind direction, wind speed, temperature, atmospheric pressure, and salinity in 80 major observation stations. In addition, it provides information on the water temperature in the area closest to the tidal zone through 160 water temperature stations nationwide. (Last 3 days)

5. Current intensity (excluding the East Sea): It provides a graph of the current intensity (flow rate) for the next 15 days based on the current date.

★ Today's scale add-ons and services!

1. Tidal calendar and monthly tidal table provided: Tide calendar and monthly tidal table are provided so that you can see the latest 30 days or monthly.

2. Fast and diverse area/map search: You can search for an area quickly and easily by searching with the first letter, and you can easily find the area you want through the map.

3. Tide Area Favorites: Frequently viewed areas are managed through [Favorites] and provide save/delete functions.

4. Sea fishing points: 2000 seashore rock and breakwater fishing points and 300 boat fishing points are provided nationwide, along with information on appropriate tide times, water depth, low quality, target species, fishing gear, and bait.

5. National sea split: Provides sea split information for 14 islands nationwide (Silmido, Seonjaedo, Soyado, Ungdo, Jebudo, Muchangpo, Hasom, Hwado, Jindo, Haenamdae Island, Udo, Somaemuldo, Dongseom, and Seogeondo).

6. National Weather Report: Provides coastal weather information, including weather warnings and breaking news provided by the Korea Meteorological Administration.

7. Real-time coastal video: Provides real-time coastal CCTV video such as major ports and beaches nationwide.

8. Windy Weather (Windy): Wind (wind direction, wind speed), wave height (wave direction, wave period, wave), temperature, atmospheric pressure, rain, clouds, sea temperature, etc. can be checked in real time nationwide on the Windy map. .
(Recent maximum instantaneous wind speed, humidity, fine dust, satellite maps, etc. are provided with a wider range of weather information.)

9. Meteorological Administration Web Service: Provides detailed weather information such as national/sea weather, radar/satellite weather images, fog/water temperature images, yellow sand/typhoon/earthquake information from the Korea Meteorological Administration.

10. Includes wave height, precipitation, and rain cloud forecast information from the IMOC national weather information map of Japan.

11. Provides historical information (years 18 to 22) and tide information from January to December 2023 in 1300 regions nationwide.

12. KakaoTalk sharing function: In all regions provided by Today's Tide, you can use the KakaoTalk sharing function to share today's date or the tide time of a specific date with your friends or acquaintances.

## Precautions and disclaimers when using

- The data provided by Today's Tide is not suitable for purposes such as sailing and ship departure. In addition, we are not responsible for any direct or indirect damages, including accidents and disadvantages that users may receive by using the service. Judgment on the information provided is entirely at the user's own risk.

※ Source of information

## OPENWEATHERMAP :: Real-time local weather information
## - WEATHER MAP API / Point Forecast API
## Public Data Portal (Meteorological Administration) - Special weather forecast, mid-term forecast and national weather page
## Korea Hydrographic and Oceanographic Agency - Badanuri Marine Information Service
## National Maritime Survey - KOMC / Open Sea / Safe Sea, etc.
## National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
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