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Dec 1, 2023
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28Hse 香港屋網 - HK Property APP

28Hse (28House) App - No.1 Hong Kong Property Platform in Hong Kong (From comScore Data).

1. Rental Property, For Sell Property: Lots of properties in all districts of Hong Kong. It including residential, offices, shops, land and car park. All are updated by agencies or landlord with latest price and information. People also can choose share rental and short-term rental that suitable for people who looking for short-term accommodation.
2. List your own property: No matter you are landlord or agency, you are welcome to use our App or 28Hse.com website to list your own property for rental and sell. By the No.1 Property Platform, you can easily to get in touch with the potential Buyer or Tenant easily. No Commissions are required.
3. New Property: Our people will collect all kind of new properties under selling
4. Transaction Data: No idea of the current market price in Hong Kong? We have latest transaction data sourced from the market and Land Dept Hong Kong daily. Studies it before you make decision to make a deal with agency or landlord.
5. Service Apartment: Looking for short term rental with home feeling? Managed serviced apartment is your choice. All are listed from known suppliers. Enjoy your stay in Hong Kong.
6. Subscription: Subscribe the favorite condition. When there is some properties that you might be interested, 28Hse will send message by push notification.
7. Save your listings: Many properties are your cup of tea? Bookmark it inside the app and you can review it anytime you want.
8. Properties finding via maps: Find your favorite properties without leaving your home
9. Mortgage calculator: How much you need to repay to the bank for your mortgage based on the property price? Monthly repayment can be calculated easily inside the App.
10. Property News: With daily market news in Chinese and English. Get the latest
11. Second Hand Furniture: You can easily to find a cheap second hand furniture in here. Most of the seller in here are very friendly. Try your luck.
12. Agreement: Free to use. Convenient to all landlords, tenants and brokers. Paperless can use APP or website to do the digital sign.
13. Manage the listings: App provides the function of managing the listings. Member can change the photos and information when you need.

28Hse has serviced in Hong Kong for more than 10 years. Our aim is to provide latest and updated information in the Hong Kong Property Market. We hope you can enjoy it and thanks for your support :)

28Hse (28House) 香港屋網 App - No. 1 香港地產資訊平台. ( 根據 comScore 數據 )

1. 二手售盤、租盤:各區盤源充足,最新業主及地產代理售盤與租盤,包括住宅、工商、店舖、土地及車位等,內容全面,放盤人可自行管理樓盤,確保資料最新最準。租屋另有分租及短租選擇,方便尋找短期住宿的人士。
2. 業主、代理放盤:放盤人可選用 28Hse.com 主網站或 28Hse App 放盤或管理樓盤。樓盤資料在網站及App同步更新。我們不會收取任何佣金。房屋交易更輕鬆。
3. 新盤:最新的一手新盤地產資訊,專人拍照及更新最新價單及折扣優惠。
4. 成交數據:提供市場最新3個月成交及土地註冊處成交,圖表分析,讓你更了解香港的樓市走勢,部份屋苑同時包含租價的成交。
5. 服務式住宅:適合國外用家及本地尋找短期租盤單位的租客,租客可帶包即住,避免自行租屋的麻煩,也不用簽署任何租約。
6. 樓盤訂閱:訂閱心水條件,當28Hse找到有合適的樓盤後,會推送通知搵樓人士。
7. 收藏樓盤:把你喜愛的售盤、租盤儲存於應用程式內,可隨時再查看及比較。
8. 地圖搵樓:即使足不出戶,都可以隨時隨地搜尋心水樓盤。
9. 按揭計算:簡單易用按揭計計算機,即時計算每月供款及負擔能力測試。
10. 地產新聞:每日準時更新的在專業地產新聞,地產市況走勢一目了然。
11. 二手傢俬:方便業主搬屋時,放售沒有用的二手傢俬,環保又可以幫助有需要的人士,租屋人士也可試下尋寶。
12. 電子租約:免費使用,簡單易用,方便各業主、租客及代理使用,完全無紙化,可於電腦或APP上即時簽約。
13. 樓盤管理:App同時提供樓盤管理功能,放盤照片及資料管理更加容易。

28Hse 服務香港市民已超過10年,幫助過不少人尋找安樂窩,我們一直希望利用互聯網把最新地產資訊傳遞給大家,不論你在任何地區,大陸、台灣、歐美都可下載我們的 APP。如我們的服務有不完善的地方請多多包涵,非常感謝大家一直的關注與支持 :)
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