The best Ragnarok action game, Action RO2: Spear of Odin


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Feb 2, 2021

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Action RO2 Spear of Odin GAME

▶ Get 500 Ruby at only 10 Zeny every day!
- More fierce battle! Opening 3vs3 PVP!
- The highest grade item! New EP equipment!
- New costumes with higher bonus stats!
▶ Official webpage :

[Game introduction]
◆ Endless fun and adventure on Action RO2: Spear of Odin
Mystic adventure followed by epic scenario awaits you here.
Feel the thrilling action from defeating a variety of monsters!
We're inviting you to the continent of Midgard.

◆ Action, dynamic action RPG
Enjoy the thrill of non-target action!
Relish the ultimate fun of speedy action from hack-n-slash combat!
Fancy skill and real action effects give you a whole new experience.

◆ Raid & PVP, co-op and competition!
Be the best from 3vs3 PVP Ranking mode!
You are not alone! Defeat the gigantic monster with your friends and get rewarded.

◆ The beginning of a vast adventure, various dungeons and mysterious monsters ahead of you!
Over 150 types of new monsters that was never seen!
Daily Dungeon for various daily rewards
Tower of Challenge & Collecting Dungeon for numerious items and materials!
World Boss & PVP where you can prove your strength!

◆ Continuous customization, see the unique version of you!
Express yourself with an adorable outfit!
Equip different gears to change your look! Be stronger and challenge yourself!

◆ Fun of card system, add strategy to the action!
Collect property cards of fire, water, wind, nature!! Get stronger and customize!
Understand the property of monsters and strategically equip proper cards!

[Official website]
You can check various game information and special events.

[Official Facebook page]
Share your story with your friends!

[Access Permission]
1. Storage (gallery, media, file) access permission
- This permission is required to save necessary files on your device to run the game.
- This includes a permission to use your storage (gallery, media, file) and it's required to read/write necessary information to play the game.

[Recommended specification]
- This app is optimized for higher than AOS 6.0 and RAM 3GB.
- We recommend to upgrade the AOS version if you're using lower than v6.0.

Developer Contact:
Gravity Neocyon Inc.
Address: 14Fl., 396, World Cup buk-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul
CEO: Kitamura Yoshinori
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