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Here is maths formulas pack for all android users.
Now no need to make paper notes to remember mathematics formulas(all maths formulas) just have this app put all the formulas on your favorite phones.

points include in this app :
math symbols
all maths formulas guide
geometry calculation
unit conversion
2D and 3D geometry calculation
Area and Volume calculation
maths dictionary with terms and it's meaning
maths riddles
maths puzzle solver with answer
scientific calculation
Brain training
maths quiz with solution
kids maths games
math equation solver
Circle solver
mathematics tables
maths tricks & solutions
maths workout logical game

Fractions calculation
Square roots calculator
Compound interest calculation
Math tricks ,logic
Math Puzzle
Math practice quiz
Math Brain trainer,Quick Brain
Quick Math Challenge

Logarithm calculator
math master
math game with included addition,multiplication,subtraction,division etc.
high school math quiz
resolve some mathematical problem with solution
basic math quiz
multiple language support
all are contain in one small maths pocket book.
new maths game like maths master, single player, multiplayer, true & false, input maths games,what's signs etc...

you'll find formulas very simply explained in app with necessary figures will help you to understand very easily.


1. Algebra
- Factoring formulas
- Product formulas
- Roots formula
- Powers formula
- Logarithmic formula
- Useful equations
- Complex number
- Binomial theorem
2. Geometry
- Cone
- Cylinder
- Isosceles Triangle
- Square
- Sphere
- Rectangle
- Rhombus
- Parallelogram
- Trapezoid
- Circle
- Convex Quadrilateral
- Cuboid
- Frustum or right Circular cone
- Torus
3. Analytical Geometry
- 2-D coordinate system
- Circle
- Hyperbola
- Ellipse
- Parabola
4. Derivation
- Limits formula
- Properties of derivative
- General derivative formula
- Trigonometric functions
- Inverse Trigonometric functions
- Hyperbolic functions
- Inverse Hyperbolic functions
5. Integration
- Properties of Integration
- Integration of rational functions
- Integration of Trigonometric functions
- Integration of inverse trigonometric functions
- Double integration
- Triple Integration
- Definite Integration
- Integration of Hyperbolic functions
- Integration of Exponential and log functions
6. Trigonometry
- Basics of Trigonometry
- General Trigonometry formula
- Sine, Cosine rule
- Table of Angle
- Angle transformation
- Half/Double/Multiple angle formula
- Sum of functions
- Product of functions
- Powers of functions
- Euler's formula
- Allied angles table
- Negative angle identities
7. Laplace transform
- Properties of Laplace transform
- Functions of Laplace transform
8. Fourier
- Fourier series
- Fourier transform operations
- Table of Fourier transform
9. Series
- Arithmetic series
- Geometric series
- Finite series
- Binomial series
- Power series expansions
10. Numerical methods
- Lagrange, newton's Interpolation
- Newton's forward/backward difference
- Numerical integration
- Roots of equation
11. Vector calculus
- vector identities
- Operator notations
- Properties
- second derivatives
- important identities
12. Probability
- Basics of probability
- Expectation
- Variance
- Distributions
- Permutations
- Combinations
13. Beta Gamma
- Beta functions
- Gamma functions
- Beta-gamma relation
14. Z - Transform
- Properties of z- transform
- Some common pairs

What's New

-Add new user interface design
-Add new features
-Add new math calculation
-add learn math challenge
-improve app performance
-add math workout logical game
-add new formula
-offline mode available
-add generate maths worksheet feature

if you find anything need to improve then please mail us, we will try out best to implement it.

Email: wasim.jaffer365@gmail.com

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